Say YES to yesBAG

Hold a unique piece in your hands and support at the same time
single women from a Brazilian favela.

A yesBAG is made from discarded jeans that are not even
more good enough for the residents of the favela in Bairro do Paz
Salvador da Bahia are.

The process to your yesBAG:

  1. We buy people’s jeans
  2. The jeans are carefully washed
  3. After washing, they are ironed
  4. Then the jeans are pre-cut
  5. Now the women sew the pockets out of the jeans
  6. Appliqués and shoulder straps are attached
  7. The bags are subjected to a final check
  8. We ship the bags to Germany

With every yesBAG you help single mothers from the favela,
all seamstresses, but none of them have a job outside the favela
can get because they have to take care of their children.

This is how everyone is helped:
The women get more money than with a normal job and
can offer their children a school and education.
You get a unique piece like no other.